Daily Connect (Child Care) App Reviews

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Great updates.

They definitely fixed the app. Love the functionality and how easy it is to track the little ones. Apple Watch app even works well. Not a lot of detail but lets me know when theres an update.

Great piece of mind!

I love this app. The first day my daughter started daycare was going to be a hard day no matter what, but this app made it so much easier on me. Her daycare sent photos of her smiling and sleeping and playing and it set me at ease. Its such a great way to know whats going on in your childs day, from what they eat to how long theyre sleeping to messages about needing more diapers or any concerns. And of course photos :) Im so grateful to this app and that my daycare has chosen to use it. This was a big plus when choosing her daycare provider!

Awesome app

Great way to track your childs day when you cant be with them


I LOVE having this insight into my sons days. Not only is it helpful to have nearly-constant updates to what foods theyre eating (or not), how theyre sleeping, etc, but it gives me a direct line of communication with their care givers. Being a working parent is hard. Being connected makes it so much more tolerable.


Love this app, love the updates and pictures!!

Love updates on my child

I love being able to send and receive information from my childs teacher. Receiving pictures is always a highlight of my day.

Love this app!

Ive been using this app as a nanny, parent, and now daycare provider since January 2015. Its been everything Ive needed!! Very customizable!

Love it!

Helps me see what my little man is up to during the day...love the pics especially!

Good but uses all my storage

It is a great tool. I love having a visual of my childs day. However, the app uses slot of storage on my phone. Id like to be able to purge info and pictures to free up some space.

Nice APP

Easy to use. Great layout.

Best app

Hands down best app for mamas that work to check on their babies at the sitter I rely on this every day, it puts my mind at ease . The charts are a bonus and it is sooo user friendly


Very cool

Super Helpful

It really helps to know what your child is up to while you are away. It makes the separation just a little bit easier.

Peace of mind

Peace of mind when my baby is at school. Worth every penny❤️

Wonderful for any parent

At the last minute before I returned to work from maternity leave, a friend who stated shell watch my daughter, pulled out. I was completely nervous at having a stranger watch her. My new babysitter showed me this app and it brought such peace of mind each time she updates it. It also has a great chart for feedings, diapers, and sleeping habits. Wonderful for those doctor visits. I love this app and would recommend it to everyone!


We LOVE this app! It syncs with our daycare and we are always up to date on how our boy is doing throughout the day! They also send us messages and pictures of him! It gives us piece of mind and we highly recommend this app for all parents!

Notifications broken. No app support

Notifications broken and no support emails responded to. Please fix

Awesome communication tool!

I am so happy that my (Daycare) uses this tool. It is such a great way for us to communicate about my daughters schedule. As a new parent this has been incredible for us to have. I think its valuable for any parent and Daycare to use. It gives me exactly the information I need to understand how her day is going and what is going on while she is there. It helps me so much to remain consistent on the weekends with napping feeding etc.

Great app

Overall love this app!


We use it all the time to connect with parents and family of children we care for. Definately worth it!

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